Terms of trade

Terms of trade

Astrid Frank IVS
Schleppegrellsgade 52A, 1
CVR: 39813378


Astrid Frank IVS receives payment with Dankort / VISA-Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and mobilepay
We only deduct your payment when the item is shipped. However, the amount will be reserved until the package is shipped.
All amounts are in DKK. Danish kroner and is incl. VAT.
At Astrid Frank, we use an approved payment service, which encrypts all your card information with SLL Secure Socket Layer protocol.l.
This means that you can not read your information.
You will receive an order confirmation by email after your purchase has been completed.



  • Can I track my delivery?
    You will receive an email & amp; sms when we submit your package where you can follow the package via track & amp; trace
    If you can not find your track & amp; trace no. then send us an email and we will look it up for you.
  • What's the delivery time?
    We deliver 2-4 days after your order, if you have not received the package within the following days, you are welcome to contact us to find out track & amp; trace number and possible pick-up location
    Your package will either be delivered to the nearest parcel box.
  • What do you send in with?
    We ship with Dao & amp; bring.
    Dao delivers every day all year round.
    Bring only delivers on weekdays.
  • Can I send to a business address?
    If your recipient's address is Business, we will send with Bring or dao
    It will take 2-4 business days before you receive your package
  • What does shipping cost?
    Shipping is DKK 29, which is free shipping on purchases of more than DKK 499
  • I forgot to pick up my package:
    If you have not picked up your package within the stated pick-up deadline, the package will be returned to us. To have it sent to you again, you must pay the DKK 29 in shipping costs. Please note that it is your responsibility to follow the tracking number and have the package picked up even if you have not received instructions.
  • Sends in to abroad?
    We deliver so far only in Denmark, in case you want to have a package sent abroad, contact us on our e-mailInfo@astridfrank.dkand tell where you want the package sent to.

Right of complaint

With Astrid Frank, you have a 2-year right to make a complaint.
This only applies to defects in material or workmanship.
This means that it is possible to get the money back or a reduction in the price or have the item repaired, depending on the situation.
This does not apply if an error has occurred due to incorrect operation of the product.
You must handle the product as it was in a store where you tried the product.
We reimburse the shipping costs, for the cheapest shipping method.

You must advertise within a reasonable time, preferably as soon as possible.
We recommend within two months of discovering the error.
If you want to advertise an item, contact us via our e-mail asInfo@astridfrank.dkand get subsequent instructor.


We give 14 days full return policy, from the day you receive your order.
The package just needs to be shipped no later than 14 days after you receive your order.

Adjustments, inquiries and complaints are sent to:

Astrid Frank IVS
Schleppegrellsgade 52A 1

We point out that packages sent by cash on delivery or packages that are not sent with delivery are not received.

If you want to return an item, you must enclose a note in the package where you tell us if you want the money back or exchanged for another size or another product.
In addition, write your order number on the note. Important: your order number is 5 digits, you will find it in the Order Confirmation we have sent. Your order number is not your track and trace number. We will not be able to find your order if you have not written your order no.

It is up to you how you want to send your package back, however, it is a requirement that the package is delivered to our address, so it must be sent with delivery. We do not pick up the package in case it is not delivered directly to our address and it will thereby be sent back.

You must pay the amount it costs to have the package returned, this applies regardless of whether you want the money returned or exchanged your goods.

It is your responsibility that the package is sent properly, this means that you are responsible for the package arriving safely to us. We therefore recommend that you save the receipt and possibly the Track and Trace number.

When we receive the item, we check the condition of the item. Then we pay back the amount you bought the item for.

You will receive the amount via the payment card that has been used for the purchase.


You may lose your right to a refund of the purchase amount if:

  • The item has actually been taken into use
  • The item has been damaged while you were in charge of it

Swap items

If you want to have your goods exchanged, first check on our website if we have the goods and size you want to exchange for. Then send an email to:Info@astridfrank.dk with order number and which items and size you want to exchange for.

Of course we pay for the shipping from our address to you, or to a parcel shop near you!

It is your responsibility that the package has been sent properly, this simply means that you are responsible for the package arriving safely to us. Our bag / a box. We therefore recommend that you save the receipt and possibly the Track and Trace number on your order.e.
(( - Trading conditions I have to make up when I get GLS, this is something I can go in and correct myself i?))


Personal Data Act

When you shop with us, you must at least register the following information:

  • Name
  • Address, postnr. and city
  • Mobile phone no.
  • Email address

We need this information to deliver the item to you.
The personal information registered with Astrid Frank is stored for up to 3 years, after which it will be deleted.

Opportunities for appeal

If you wish to complain about a product, the complaint can be sent to either our e-mail: AstridFrankIVS@hotmail.com or to our address:
Schleppegrellsgade 52 A 1, 9000 Aalborg.

If you are a consumer residing in another EU country, you can indicate your complaint in the EU Commission's online complaint platform.

The platform can be found here:http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/